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Price: $14.95

ISBN: 0-9662011-0-8

30 Pages

Soft Cover

Hiring Top Performers: 350 Great Interview Questions For People Who Need People


Ideal for businesses of all sizes, in all industries, this book offers 350 sample interview questions in eight categories to help you get the information needed to make sound and defensible hiring decisions. Itís written in clear language and offers practical guidance to anyone responsible for screening, interviewing and hiring.

Price: $14.95

ISBN: 0-9662011-1-6

51 Pages

Soft Cover

450 Low-Cost/No-Cost Strategies for recognizing, rewarding & retaining good people


This is a breakthrough book on a hot topic! It contains hundreds of low cost/no cost ideas for rewarding and recognizing good performance as well as building fun into your organization. Many of the suggestions have been used before; others are new, but are currently being successfully implemented in organizations of all kinds throughout North America. You can apply the ideas in this book immediately and with confidence.


Price: $14.95

ISBN: 0-9662011-0-83

51 Pages

Soft Cover


450 Low-Cost/No-Cost Strategies for recognizing, rewarding & retaining good people Volume II


This book is a sequel to its popular predecessor.  It's jam-packed with 450 additional low-cost/no-cost ideas for recognizing, rewarding and retaining good people.  Why spend your valuable time trying to invent ways to recognize and reward your employees?  This book has done it for you and you don't have to bankrupt your budget.  In fact, many of the ideas won't cost you a dime!  If you're looking for a cost-effective resource that can help you with recognizing, rewarding and retaining your employees, you've found it!


Price: $49.95

ISBN: 0-9662011-5-9

147 Pages

Soft Cover


Minding Your Business: A business owner's handbook for managing human capital


This book is written especially for entrepreneurs, although anyone with management responsibilities will find it extremely useful.  It includes 26 chapters from hiring to firing with lots of topics in between including new employee orientation, employee handbooks, how to avoid hiring a thief, building team loyalty, employee incentive plans that work, employee turnover, how to keep the people who keep you in business, helping your first time manager excel, managing a diverse workforce, workplace harassment, best ideas for staying afloat in a shaky economy, are you being scammed?, how to win back morale in emotional times, is part time practical?, and much more. This book is more than reference material. It's a quick read that is loaded with practical information for owners and managers.

Price: $10.95

ISBN#: 1-929902-05-0

399 Pages

Soft Cover

366 Surefire Ways to Let Your Employees Know They Count


Sometimes employees need a little extra incentive to encourage them to stick with you. People who enjoy what they do and who they work with become more valuable to the organization. Theyíre usually happier as well. Itís important for managers and business owners to encourage employees to reach their potential. Compensation isnít the only motivator. This book contains dozens of incentive ideas many of them are quite simple, but are often overlooked.

Price: $14.95

ISBN: 1-9708444-6-8

Soft Cover

366 MORE Surefire Ways to Let Your Employees Know They Count


Competition is intense for recruiting good people. Youíve worked hard to get them in the door. Keeping them employed with you as happy, productive and loyal workers is what this book is all about. Itís a sequel to my first book on this subject and it leads the way with more surefire ways for letting your employees know they are appreciated. In my newest book, I offer managers and supervisors, team leads and business owners dozens of concrete, creative and sometimes zany ideas for letting your employees know they count!

Price: $16.95

ISBN: 0-9708444-4-1

198 Pages

Soft Cover

How to Compete in the War for Talent: A Guide To Hiring The Best


Are you tired of fighting for good people? Is your teamís performance a casualty of high turnover? Is it possible youíre not experiencing a shortage of personnel, but a shortage of skills? If youíre open to new ways of hiring talent for your organization this book is for you. Itís loaded with step-by-step expert advice. Itís written in an easy-to-read format. It presents valuable insights into screening, interviewing and hiring right the first time.


Price: $16.95

ISBN: 1-929902-11-5

223 Pages

Soft Cover

Retain or Retrain: How to Keep the Good Ones from Leaving 


Seven experts from varying experiential backgrounds have pulled together to write this book of answers to the ever-growing problem of employee turnover.  How can a company, regardless of its size, keep good people from leaving for greener pastures?  This book offers practical solutions for preventing your employees from slipping through your fingers.  It provides a variety of approaches to help managers keep their talent base, even in a tight job market.

Price: $39.95

ISBN: 1-5744409-8-5

260 Pages

Soft Cover

The High Cost of Low Morale ...and what to do about it


While the morale of an organization is an intangible element composed of feelings and attitudes of individuals and groups, the effects of morale include tangible and extremely important factors such as profits, efficiency, quality, and productivity. Low morale and its costliest indicator, high turnover, can be a tremendous drain on a company's finances. Managers often view morale as mysterious and unpredictable, when in fact it is a measurable, controllable expense. The High Cost of Low Morale explores the underlying causes of low morale and offers you field-proven, practical methods for increasing morale and reducing turnover in your organization.


Price: $14.95

ISBN: 0-9662011-4-0

52 Pages

Soft Cover

Job Hunting in the 21st Century: Exploding the Myths, Exploring the Realities


Misconceptions about the job-hunting process have sabotaged the attempts of many job seekers. This book is about how to maintain the competitive edge in your job hunt. It brings the reader up-to-date on the realities of understanding and mastering the job search process. It provides concepts that are easy to apply and presents the most current information on how to find a job in todayís job market. It examines the most common job-hunting myths and offers solutions for avoiding the pitfalls associated with each.


Price: $19.95

ISBN: 0-9662011-3-2

140 Pages

Soft Cover


When Life Doesn't Stick to the Game Plan  ....because the doctor has bad news


Ideal for anyone who has ever been diagnosed with a medical problem or knows someone who has.  This book could save your life!  Written from the patient's perspective, it offers insight and clarity that will help you to:

  • Adjust emotionally to the doctor's bad news

  • Rally your support team of family and friends

  • Apply "positivities" to boost your morale

  • Actively participate in your own recovery

  • Tackle and conquer anxiety and depression

  • Tap the healing potential within you


Price: $24.95

31-minute CD

Giving Critical Feedback Without Causing Defensiveness

The ability to give critical feedback without causing defensiveness is one of the most stressful and difficult aspects of managementís job. In this audio seminar learn how to give the kind of feedback that enables your employees to feel good enough to want to change, want to improve and want to excel. Learn how to criticize without feeling embarrassed, angry, fearful or inept and convert criticism in your business from a painful confrontation into a successful experience!




Price: $24.95

45-minute CD

Managing Difficult People

This audio seminar is for anyone who manages, supervises or leads employees who are at times difficult and challenging. Find out how to tackle performance and behavior problems as well as how to apply the power of positive reinforcement. If your success depends upon moving people from "no" to "yes" and gaining cooperation from every member of your team, this CD is for you.


Price: $24.95

50-minute CD

How to Conduct "Win-Win" Performance Evaluations

This audio seminar focuses on the process of evaluating employee performance, not the paperwork or development of a "form." For itís not the form that determines the success of your evaluations; itís the process. Performance evaluations are a dreaded task by many managers; employees hate them too. However, when done correctly they can be an excellent motivational tool. Learn how to turn every performance evaluation into a "win-win."


Price: $24.95

45-minute CD

Managing a Multi-Generational Workforce

Todayís workforce is one of the most diverse in our countryís history when it comes to age and values. In fact, many of you oversee a mix of "Seniors", "Boomers", "Generation-X", and "Generation-Y." That in itself can be a challenge! Gone are the days of a one-size fits-all management style. If you want to maintain your advantage in the marketplace, you must get comfortable with individual differences. In this audio seminar learn how to prevent the disconnect associated with managing a multi-generational workforce.


Price: $24.95

56-minute CD

How to Take the Guesswork Out of Interviewing

There is nothing more frustrating than locating good candidates only to lose them during the interview process. The ability to hire talented people is a direct reflection on how well a business is managed. Could you be more effective in the recruiting process? What about others in your organization that have responsibility for making hiring decisions? Do they not only recognize talent, but can they turn a job interview into a sound and defensible hiring decision?  In this audio seminar you will learn how to recruit for retention, not just fill a void on the organizational chart.

Price: $44.95

2 CD set, 119 minutes

Excelling as a Manager or Supervisor


Leadership applied within a philosophy of people-centered management is the key to your success whether you are a new manager or seasoned professional!  Excel as a manager or supervisor with the time-tested principles contained in this jam-packed 2-CD set.  Contents include how to get off to a good start as a new manager and deal with the differences now that you're in charge.  How to build lasting relationships, improve your communication effectiveness, reinforce the "right" behavior, and increase productivity by managing your time and stress.  You will also learn how to make appropriate decisions for each situation, build a motivating workplace culture, reduce turnover, manage workplace change, orient and train new employees and manage even the most difficult employees on your team.


Price: $44.95

2 CD set, 105 minutes

Service Heroes


A total company-wide commitment to the ultimate customer experience is the cornerstone for building the ideal business for the present as well as the future. Your goal is to go beyond the "frequent buyer" program and transform loyal customers into an essential extension of your company's sales, marketing and product development teams. This content-rich, 2-CD audio seminar is about delivering the right level of customer service through your Service Heroes. You will learn how to guarantee customer loyalty with the unconditional commitment of your employees. Enjoy this mini-seminar and discover how to fine-tune your skills in the areas of communication, meeting customer expectations, developing loyal customers as well as employees, and training and empowering your staff to make decisions that benefit your customers and give them a reason to return again and again!